November 14th, 2014


Scannerless in South London...

Here's a randomly chosen old doodle, as I can't get the scanner going, which pisses me off grievously.
This week's telly included THE MISSING, which I'm getting into, now. THE INTRUDERS which is still
incomprehensible rubbish, IM0, part two of FRED AND ROSE, a guilty Ch 5 'pleasure'. and IMAGINE... all about Bette Midler, who always reminded me of my sister, years ago. Don't know why, as there's little physical resemblace; just something about her...before the sib got extreme Buddhism and became a sort of anchorite in the wilderness, of course.
It's clearing up, now, so I 'should' go down and work out, but no, I just feel too weary, and verklempt after the twin terrors of the dentist and the demon £5 barber.
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