November 10th, 2014



Rather frustrating and demoralising few days ; I still feel sickly, too. It probably wasn't a good idea to spend the evening (utterly nada on telly-) watching three straight episodes of HANNIBAL series 2. Good Lord, it's twisted!
I used Manic Panic lightener on my ever-darkening hair, as advised by R Next Door, who considers it less toxic than other brands. Nyaaargh! It burns! Never had that problem before. oh well, it worked, anyway. I wish my damn hair (what there is of it-) would go properly silver/white all over instead of this grim iron colour.
One of the concierges downstairs ( the only one with a lick of sense...) has had a stroke. Thankfully, he seems to be doing well, is at home walking, talking, etc. so hopefully will make a full recovery. Wouldn't blame him if he didn't come back, though. Not an enviable job...
Also heard that the Artesian Well and Lost Society (once the wonderful Tea Rooms des Artistes) on Wandsworth Road,have been bought by a property developer and may be turned into flats. Shit, they're historical buildings.The Lost Society one, I've heard, is 16th century in parts. There was a wonderful atmosphere there, back in the day.
I haven't even been doodling the last few days. The scanner's not working, anyway. Grunt.
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