November 5th, 2014



There had been some trouble due to what was done to Knuckles Duckworth down there...
How's that for a statement to find lodged in your head when you wake up? No idea of what I'd been dreaming, dammit.
It really feels like autumn, at last. I was tempted to put the heat on, but I like to hold out until December, if possible. Having a shower is no fun, though!
Went to see MR TURNER yesterday, at 10:45AM .one old girl said she felt 'depraved' going to the cinema at such an hour. 'Let's add to the debauchery', I rejoined, chucking a free jaffa cake into my gob. There was a fair-sized audience, considering the time of day, and I half heard an exchange where one old crock said to another that he'd always admired his work. 'It's nice to be remembered' said the retired celeb. I didn't catch it all, though, and don't know who he was.
The film was  good. It was very long, but not in a bad way, you kind of got steeped in it, and went with the flow. Timothy Spall will doubtless rake in some awards. He's excellent as per usual. I quite like Mike Leigh's stuff, although I feel it's sometimes rather patronising and improbable. TOPSY TURVY is one of my all time favourites, though. He should get away from the present more often.
Otherwise, I'm having an orgy of watching HANNIBAL season two. Amazing weird images.
The two new TV thrillers are being raved about by critics, but I'm not gripped by THE MISSING, for some reason, and INTRUDERS is completely beyond my atrophied geriatic brain. I haven't the remotest idea of what's going on, or why I should care.
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