October 30th, 2014


General Peevishness...

I seem to be spending a lot of money lately. Thing is, I don't really have it to spend. I'm just so pissed off, and I'm in one of my stationery frenzies. Must Try New Pens,etc (then maybe I'll be able to draw properly-)
R Next Door is feuding with most of the dog park people at present because of her constant carrying on about all Staffies being killers. (Most of these people have Staffies--) One guy is convinced she's autistic because of her lack of empathy. I would have thought that was a more psychotic trait, but what do I know? I'm almost certainly an aspie, myself.
Watched the new thriller THE MISSING, which looks promising. James Nesbitt-Has he had some 'work' done?  He looks subtly different, lately.Maybe it's the hair transplant.
Also saw the first ep of INTRUDERS, which frightened me, mainly because I totally could not fathom what was supposed to be going on. This happens all the time, these days, and I get all frit about having dementia. It looks like it might be good,though. DOCTOR WHO was really shite, this week. Pity, as I do think Capaldi is already in the running for Best Doctor Evah.
Randoms in the street keep being friendly and chatty with me. They never used to. I'm still brooding on wether it's because I am no longer quite fat enough to be an automatic hate object, or  the 'Little old lady. Bless' factor, neither of which pleases me.
Nearly November and still summer. Feck...
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