October 17th, 2014


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uncle scrooge Bah...My intention to see EFFIE GRAY yesterday was scuppered  by discovering that my bathroom ceiling was leaking. I called the council, and was told I could expect plumbers 'within 48 hours' I spent the rest of the day indoors. I spent today indoors. No fucking plumber. Thank the gods the leak seems to have stopped on its own, now. Brill...
I watched a DVD of TAXI ZUM CLO, which,on its debut in the olden days, caused a bit of a 'Ban This Filth' flurry...A young gay teacher in Berlin is a compulsive cruiser, with dubious personal hygiene. He starts a relationship with a nice bloke, who wants a more domesticated sort of life, including a move to the country to live self-sufficiently. This causes a lot of friction between them . The hero is so hooked on cottaging,etc. that he sneaks out for an alfresco frisk even while ill in hospital. It ends with him still wondering if he can commit to the boyfriend.
I remember a lad at the theatre went to see it, and commented that it had grossed him out so much that he'd probably be off sex for months.(It was certainly quite explicit for the time; lots of full frontals, cum shots and whatever.) This same boy, I was later told was murdered, I think in Greece. *Sigh* That,and the rather early death of the director/star, added to the slightly melancholy effect it had on me. Not a bad little film, though,and an interesting period piece.
Also watched the very presentable tenor Jonas Kauffman in a 2005 TOSCA, with Thomas Hampson also fine. as an ultra- sleazy Scarpia.
Continuing to enjoy PEAKY BLINDERS. I think I've missed something, though. I'm sure Sam Neill's character was lying dead from a bullet in the forehead, at the end of the first series. Now he's back (I'm not complaining; nice performance),  recovered, but with a limp.
THE FIRE OF LONDON was dull and silly. It may improve, but I doubt it. The actor playing Pepys doesn't look remotely like my image of him, and I'm not quite convinced yet by that bloke from BOARDWALK EMPIRE as Charles II. I'll give it another try, though.
Made an appointment for the dentist about my broken tooth. Bugger.
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