October 16th, 2014


Doll Fear, Dreams of 'Miracles'. etc.

On an antiques show the other day, there was this doll that not only had the usual skewiff dead eyes, but a constantly flicking tongue!  Honestly, WTF?  I'd had the good fortune never to have seen one before. A quick Google yielded no images, but take my word for it. they be vile. It it seems they were quite common at one point, though.  Brrrr..

I must stop obsessing about the horrors of ageing. I'm still here, and minus a goodly portion of my deathfat, so woot!

young ger It does suck, though...

I'll get back to the epic dream later, I'm going up to see EFFIE GRAY
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    GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD (I'm off to join the circus...)