October 3rd, 2014

wtf cat

Wondrous Strange...

I remember seeing POSSESSION (1981) when it was in the cinema,and I was stunned by its totally insane nastiness. I watched the DVD this week, and it really holds up quite well.  There are incredibe performances from Isabell Adjani and Sam Neill, who achieve such astounding pitches of violent hysteria that they're almost unwatchable. She's always pretty scary, but this is somethin' else. I'm surprised this film isn't better known as a classic of unease. Freaky, man.
I allowed myself to enter the Devil's Starbuck's to sample the famed Pumpkin Spice latte. Must admit,  that at first, it tasted really nice. Even though mine was a 'skinny', and without whipped cream, though, I found that afterwards I was getting that sickly sweet aftertaste that's almost univerval with Starbuck's concoctions. Definitely worth trying once, though.
I really fancy a hunk of old-fashioned  American pumkin pie. I saw them in Wholefoods...Fifteen pounds for a fucking pie! That place really takes the piss.
Got my flu jab. Still feel pretty rubbish, but a bit better.

EASTENDERS is going completely berserk :[Spoiler (click to open)]
Phil's been shot again. (That man really has at least nine lives-),Murdered Lucy's brother, whose name I've forgotten, and Lauren are snogging each other's faces off at long last, poor Tramp the dog was run over by the dreary Abs, trying to flee after being dumped by Jay. (Just wrong. Too much!) Dean has gone mad, with his  shooter mum Shirley being spirited away into hiding by Aunt Babe's three-wheeler, just when they'd reconciled.
[Spoiler (click to open)]