October 1st, 2014


Frelled AGAIN...

I don't feel at all well. I went out to do my bits & pieces while it was raining, intending to exercise later, but I then felt so cruddy in the sickly heat, that I just went back indoors and flaked out. Very, very bad. I now have a headache and all sorts of stomach-y  unpleasantness. ..Not to mention the still with me 'bronchial' thing. Well, fuck this shit, really.
I'm certainly not alone, I know. Nearly everyone seems to be to some degree lurgified, now.
GIRL OF THE GOLDEN WEST at ENO was enjoyable, if no masterpiece.I'd only heard it a couple of times in my life, and never seen it on stage. An announcement was made that nearly all the principals were working despite the hideous malady, but they magaged very well, singing out most of the time, and sounding lovely. Susan Bullock has really become quite a star. She was terrific as MInnie. It's a strange little piece, really; a childishly silly, innocent tale, rather light and cheerful, as a Puccini love story goes. The only torture was the hero getting shot and lying bleeding through the floorboards, giving himself away by dripping onto Minnie's rejected suitor, the sheriff. Poor Wowkle, the pregnant dogsbody 'squaw' also got kicked out to schlep home in a blizzard, so that the lovers could plight their troth in privacy, but that's about as sadistic as it got. The production was strangely rather '50's at times, but the whole cast and chorus did it proud, with Graham Clark adding another fine 'character' turn as Sam.
I've been noticing there are a lot more school kids at rehearsals these days. On the whole, a Good Thing, They do scream and shout a lot, though. I observed that when the bandit announced that his name was 'Dick' there was a ripple of gleeful sniggers. Some things never change...

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