September 28th, 2014


Watchin' Stuff...

Have to admit I've been rather enjoying CRIMES OF PASSION, although it's the kind of thing I generally dislike, the 'cosy' formulaic murder mystery. I think it's the lovely posh Swedish country houses. (If you happened to inhabit one, though, inviting perky sleuth Puck to visit would be strongly counterindicated!)
Also viewed ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE; rather slow, but interesting enough. Young Mr Hiddleston makes a fetching vampire Goth, as well.
This damn humid weather really makes my joints hurt, although R Next Door insists that only cold weather can cause extra arthritis gip, 'cos that'swhen hers gets worse.My thumbs, especially, are so bad, that I'm tempted to hit the Tramadol.

I did these frisky lil' nuns a few years back, for some exhibit, and forgot all about them. I think they're kinda cute.

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