September 23rd, 2014


Good Film...

Saw the first feckin' Christmas products in LIDL! Iced gingerbread, panettone, mince pies in 'festive' packets. Bah...
My phlegm seems to be a bit looser, anyway, coming up a bit less painfully, if still utterly gross.
Went down to THE CLAPHAM PICTURE HOUSE at lunchtime, to check out 20.000 DAYS ON EARTH. To my horror,
I found I'd (Senior Moment!) mislaid my Silver Scrteen card. They were really nice about just giving me a duplicate
straight away, with my coffee & bikkies; no problem. The staff there is generally unusually civil, actually.
I liked the film a lot. It was sort of a quasi-biopic, depicting  a supposed day in the life of Nick Cave, as he mooches around
Brighton having imaginary conversations with friends and colleagues, thinking of his youth, and just being 'creative'. It should be tedious wank, but I found myself really enjoying it. It looks gorgeous, too. Nice way to spend an afternoon, especially if you can see it for under a fiver.
I also liked THE HIMALAYAN BOY AND THE TELEVISION on BBC4 last night. TV and internet have only recently been made legal in Bhutan, and this was all about a young monk grooving on it all. This was also beautifully filmed, and I suggest checking it out on iPlayer.
There was a particularly interesting documentary about Sickertt on 4, as well.
Amazy's vet visit was a bit traumatic, and, as ever, frighteningly expensive, even if the insurance pays out. She's OK, but needs another prescription. Jeez...

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