September 22nd, 2014


Arrrgh! Bloody Nora!

I've been fighting off this lurgy for over a week, now, but it's catching up with me. (TMI: You know when you seem to have 'something' stuck around your collarbone? It's really difficult and painful to bring anything up, but a few small globs of green slime, now and then. Yetch.) I lso have a SORE throat, itchy ears and a non-stop runny nose. WHINGE!
I was going to give exercising a miss, I felt so shite this morning, but a wee workout made me feel a little better...for about five minutes. I've spent most of the day in a semi-coma, reading about Alec Guinness, and eating what I shouldn't oughta.
Recent DVDs include I AM DIVINE, which was quite interesting. Sad, though. He seems to have been such a nice bloke, and was finally starting to achieve his life's ambition as a 'serious actor', when he suddenly pegged out. *Sigh*
I was also touched by the sweetly melancholy FRANK
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