September 17th, 2014


Skin City...

I honestly think that the crepey loose flesh on my arms is now Guinness Book of Records-worthy, not to mention the rest of me. Exercise does not help Idly wonder if an online appeal to finance the all-over body lift would be feasable...Don't suppose so. I'm probably too old for anything that major anyway. Fap.
R Next Door seems to be OK now after her collision with Honey the Staffie, but she maintains that there was blood all over her back yesterday, after her workout. Her 'broken spine' is working its way through her skin, she says! If that is possible, I don't think she'd still be able to walk around. I did suggest, of course, that she had a doctor take a look, but she refuses to trust any NHS practitioners and can't afford private...

I think this is the last of my travel scribbles for this trip. Much as I <3 Serbia, It must be said that 'Health and Safety' and hygiene issues are not a major concern!  That said, I sure wish I had a slice of that  Pancevo pizza for lunch. I'm starving, and even if it's got mashed cockroaches in it, it's bloody delicious!
Re: the charmingly rackety little bar beside the Tamis: If you get there in one piece, it's a delight. Sasa and Gordana came here with cartoon superstars the Crumbs, and I got to sit on the very bench where they planted their genius posteriors!
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