September 1st, 2014

i am bored

Zippy Zombie Action...

Must say season 4 of WALKING DEAD is a solid improvement on the last one. Lots of (Chortle) much-needed cast culling.
Today's distraction from common sense was MONSTER HOUSE, which got a  growing write-up in the RADIO TIMES, but was rubbish. The 'HOUSE' was OK, but the human characters still had that unpleasant 'uncanny valley' look., and it was totally kid stuff despite the declaration that there was plenty to entertain adults, too.
The new Scandi murder series, CRIMES OF PASSION is unfortunately not at all noir, although fairly diverting, and maybe a bit less corny than MONTALBANO
I'm really going to have to do something about my growing addiction to FLOG IT- type shows, of which there are many, so I guess I have company. Must stop, though
Ah well, five days in Serbia, probably without the 'fools' lantern' will be good for me.
I can't post anything new, now, because I keep getting 'insufficient memory' messages when I try. I've got to get all this sorted out, somehow. I still can't play bloody Words With Friends,either, and am now comfort eating a Magnum.

In lieu of a doodle, here's a lovely tiger washing its feet:
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