August 29th, 2014


Wasting Time...

Instead of doing any of the many things that need doing before my trip, I watched Polanski's VENUS IN FUR, which is neither sexy, funny, spooky or anything,really,apart from soporific. A major turkey. It must be the worst thing he's ever done.
Also saw FROZEN this week, which everyone seems to be enchanted by. Meh. Technically, it's fine, of course, and the music is very good for that sort of thing. Just not my sort of thing... Altogether a bit too wholesome for me, but at least the princesses are less feeble than usual.
Still turning the place upside down vainly searching for a bit more shit to pad out my 'exhibition' Heaven help me.

Channelling Eminem on the inside back cover of the unpublished INNER CITY PAGAN 6:

Don't think I've posted this before: Thanks again, dansette
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