August 27th, 2014


Six More Sleeps...

...Before the Serbia trip. Usual panic stations. The flat's a tip, I'm a wreck, the stuff for the exhibit is shite, and I've gotta TALK, etc. etc. Not to mention possible Icelandic eruptions, terrorists, and having to take my shoes off,etc. I am such a feckin' old lady...
In BB news, I am beginning to wonder if the whole lunacy of Gary Busey thing isn't a con...I don't see how they could justify having someone in that condition presented as a 'public mock and show' otherwise...According to a SUN front page I saw, he had such a volcanic set-to last night with White Dee (up until then, the voice of reason...) that other housemates ran, quaking, for cover, and it was 'too terrifying to broadcast.' Chortle.
I also viewed NOW. I'd been under the impression that Kevin Spacey's RICHARD III was being filmed. Disappointingly, this is a documentary about  the world tour, with just a few tantalising excerpts. It looks like a rollicking production, but mostly we get members of the company waffling on, often in a tiresomely luvvie-ish fashion. Bah. Still, it was not entirely uninteresting.
I took some stuff to be colour-copied, and the guy in the shop asked me if I sell my stuff (Ha!) He said how good it was.Nice of him.
Here's another Technicolor dream:
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