August 25th, 2014


Bleak Bank Holiday...

It's pissing down. May not exercise today, we'll see. I've already missed a day, because of the Bug Woman coming, and I really feel like never exercising again. Just .Want. Sleep. Gotta fight it, of course.
BIG BROTHER latest...Poor Gary Busey fell over, pissed everyone off some more, and had to be coerced into his first shower for six days. It's car-crashily compulsive, of course, but the guy really should be taken out of there and taken care of. Kellie is having huge mood swings.I don't know anything about transitioning, but everyone seems to think it's due to her recently starting on hormones.  It's strange that the cis women actually all seem to totally buy into these old chestnuts about PMS and stuff. ("Ohhhh, must be like all your periods have come at once". etc.) I know it exists, but most  women do NOT have these weird monthly manifestations, thank the gods. I certainly never did. (...Maybe because I'm in an eternal PMS-y state!)
Poor old Kellie, anyway. I guess she needs the money, but it does seem a bit strenuous for her to be taking on the BB experience at this point in her 'journey'
Possibly triggered by all this, I dreamt that the strange Peter Jonas, once the general director at the theatre, drove past me in a limo,while I plodded along in a downpour,splashing me, and brayed 'Menstrual  cunt!' I was furious, and vowed revenge. (In RL he was a loud, egomaniacal bully, and I totally resented him.)
Watched a rather interesting, low-key horror from the 'new' Hammer, THE QUIET ONES. No masterpiece, but quite watchable. Better than average.
In my futile search for material for the exhibit, I found this one. Teletubbies  greatly enriched my life,when I was toiling on the switchboard. Eh-Oh.

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