August 22nd, 2014


Waiting For The Bug Woman...

Here's the sloppy slapdash mess I made of that ATALANTA yarn, due to leaving it until the very last minute...
_IMG_0001_NEW_IMG_NEW_0002Rather than face a tantrum from R Next Door, I called for Pest Control to come round and put down more ant deterrent, even though there don't seem to be any, at present. (They're sure to be still around, anyway, but I've done my best...)
R will probably manage to see them, in any event.
Watching bits of CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER. As usual, I've never heard of most of them. Poor Gary Busey will hopefully be the first evictee, and his misery will be over. It's particularly distasteful to expose this poor bugger to public scrutiny. He's stone deaf, seems to be a bit brain damaged, or demented, and can't understand anything that's said. It's real bear-baiting stuff. White Dee, Kellie (nee Mick)  Maloney, and jolly camp gremlin Leslie Jordan (He was in WILL AND GRACE, which I didn't watch-) are the most interesting characters. The others are mostly  blank-eyed gonks off TOWIE, etc., muscle men and trout-pouted doxies.
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