August 20th, 2014


Still More Inertia...

...But I did manage another panel (!) of the strip I'm doing for the festival. Mostly I dozed through a double bill of THE WALKING DEAD. The new season seems to have perked up a bit.
R Next Door appeared briefly again...THis time she asked me to make sure there are no ants in the flat before I go to Serbia, as they are so 'horrible'. I'll have to get the bug woman to come round,although I haven't seen any. R maintains that all the flats in the block have some kind of infestation (probably true-) except hers, and she's afraid of bringing my ants in. It doesn't seem to trouble her that her place smells like a landfill site. Grunt. I'm afraid if she sees any, she might stop looking after Amazy when I'm away. I pay her, but a 'pro' would cost much more, and be stressful for the kitteh.
Here's some of the old stuff I've been digging out...
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