August 19th, 2014


Feelin' Bluesy...

Drew a tiny little bit
Had on of my increasingly rare sightings of R Next Door.She obviously didn't want to chat, and said she was keeping away from "London and the people HERE", (meaning the estate...) Her car isn't up to going far, and she didn't say where she's hanging out. *Sigh* She's a monster, but I miss her-and her lovely dogs.
Still can't find I WANNA BE A ZOMBIE, an old strip I wanted to use for the exhibit. Can't imagine what's become of it. Shit. I'm really going to have to make an effort to get my 'oeuvre' in some sort of order. Wish I had some damn space.
I've been finding all sorts of kack, including some old 'strip-a-day' diaries, which I might post; don't remember doing it before. That's if the scanner doesn't pack up completely; nothing is working properly any more.
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