August 9th, 2014


Upsets on Eviction Night...

Yes, I always watch some of BIG BROTHER, I'm afraid, but this year, with all the extra sport on TV, I've been watching it pretty regularly. It's a bit more interesting than usual, as the housemates have fought and feuded a lot.
Last night's double eviction was quite surprising, too. Instead of the dismal Pav, who seemed a sure thing to be booted, the popular,  genially bland  muscle boy Winston got chucked, for some unknown reason. (I expected him to win-) Also ejected was screaming, bizarrely coiffed Scouse clown Mark, another big favourite with the public, until this week, when he went off, a bit.  Excellent.  I rather hope Christopher wins, and he's surprisingly well-liked for a  cleverish person. I'm partial to ambivalent,  thoughtfully frog-faced Little Chris as well. The sulky, Disney-Princess type Ashleigh could well bag the cash, though.