August 4th, 2014


Hott Fireman...

They always seem to send the cute ones to check the smoke alarms. This one had a touch of the Liam Neesons and is a cat person. Whew!
I've been reading a lot of posts about OK Cupid recently, not to mention the news story about their experimenting on unknowing users, deliberately mis-matching them... Anyway, I'd had an account for yonks, but never used it, and desperately looking for some kind of pointless activity to distract me from the work I should be doing, answered a few questions and sent a geeky photo.
I have had messages from several quite pervy-looking men. Giggle.
Got my hair buzzed, so it should look civilised by the time I go to Serbia. The men hanging around in the barbershop were watching a very unpleasant rabbi and nearly-as-bad Muslim leader tearing strips off each other on a news station. Everyone agreed that Israel 'ain't got no heart'.
Bought a pack of sugarless biscuits to try, from a Portuguese deli They taste a bit like Communion wafers, but with less flavour.
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