August 3rd, 2014


Can't Get Motivated...

I am so horribly blocked, and I'm supposed to have a wee exhibit in Pancevo in a month...Not to mention the anthology strip I haven't finished, and the stuff for FactorFiction...Guh!
Everyone seems to be dead keen on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, but I don't fancy it at all. Ditto the latest arthouse masterpiece, BOYHOOD, which sounds very, very boring to me.
Saw this woman in ASDA with a great plait of hair brushing her ankles! Really! It was fascinating. I've never seen the like.
I guess a lot of Rastas and Sikhs probably have such tresses, but keep 'em wrapped up.
This week's INSPECTOR MONTALBANO moment; 'Corpse' breathing deeply as Salvo glowers thoughtfully at it. I do love his beachfront pad. Sicilian cops must be well paid.
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