July 22nd, 2014


Grump And Grizzle...

What's this with so many flights to Serbia having stops, nowadays? It's not that far. I had to pay more than I wanted to, and stay an extra night to get a direct return flight (4-9 Sept!) I'm not coping too well with anything, and now have to see the bank manager again, after more demands from the housing people. I can't do ANYTHING, damn it, it's too hot.
My operation has been refused (I'll spare you the TMI; nothing serious, thank gods-) due to its supposedly being 'cosmetic'! Have to see my GP in the morning about an appeal.
My PC still isn't functioning properly, either. I need a new hard drive and a new bloody all-in-one wireless printer, but don't have the basic brain power to sort them out. I can't get rid of all the pop-ups, etc, either. Nothing seems to work.
Not satisfied with lounging on a throw on the bed, Amazy keeps burrowing under the covers  and drooling/shedding on the pillows, meaning I have to hoover the whole lot all the time,and still can't get all the bloody hair.
Still no communication from my sister, either. I'm sure I'm being silly, and she doesn't appreciate my contacting her excessively, but I do worry a bit..
Just a stupid, un-PC thought to prevent myself from getting on with anything, but does  Ed Miliband have some sort of facial deformity syndrome? He's just so weird looking, and doesn't resemble his brother at all. Just sayin'...
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