July 20th, 2014


Shot Down...

This latest plane disaster seems to be more upsetting than 'usual', for some reason...I guess it's possibly the worry about a new Cold War somehow ensuing. (Hey, I have to visit Moscow and St Petersburg first!) Another thing is the detailed description of corpses! I don't recall reading anything like this before. The confused-looking naked woman, the St Bernard curled up as if asleep...They keep showing shots of pitiful travel detreitis, too, souvenirs,kids' toys, guide books...Then, of course, there's the certainty that this was a deliberate, not just random, tragedy. Shit.
Escaping back to media matters, I watched the Yves Saint Laurent biopic, which was quite interesting; rather a touching love story, too. (I really am getting soppy-) I also saw KILL YOUR DARLINGS, which might not interest everyone, but I'm a sucker for anything about the Beats, and quite liked this one, following a RL murder case they were involved in, as students. The actors were very good, particularly 'Burroughs', who looked, and especially sounded, just like him.
Currently on series two of the new HOUSE OF CARDS. My original opinion holds, so far; v. good, but not great, and can't hold a candle to the old UK version.
The weather is still miserable, for me, but I've GOT to finish the strip I'm doing by the end of the month, and get some film-related stuff looked out (and done, if possible!) for a young people's; film festival in Pancevo at the beginning of September... ('I THINK I can, I THINK I can'...chug chug chug...)

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