July 8th, 2014


Terminally Pissed Off In Paris...

Watched LE FEU FOLLET, a well-known film I thought I should catch up with. Actually, I think It must have been the inspiration for the HENRI, LE CHAT NOIR internet shorts. Satie plunks moodily as a depressed,washed-up alcoholic, broke and on the brink of divorce, is about to be discharged 'cured' from a posh clinic. He goes into Paris to meet his old chums, commenting bitterly all the while about the futility of it all, and the hopelessness of relationships. He goes back to the clinic and shoots himself. Hoopla! ...Actually, it's a better film than I've made it sound. As usual  I enjoyed the old-fashioned, 'romantic' b&w Paris locations. Paris is still grubby, but it doesn't seem to have that arty boho vibe any more. Eh, it's probably just me.
A strange woman in the park started imitating all my jerks and stretches, saying how 'good' I was, and that she couldn't manage the equipment. Then she tried to sell me some kind of machine to cure back pain. She was really putting me off my stroke. I've not seen her before, hope she doesn't come back.

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