July 6th, 2014


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Still flattened by fatigue, and I've GOT to get a passable strip done by the end of the month. Oy! I haven't let it stop me exercising, but that's about it. I picked up the laundry and then collapsed.
PHILOMENA was a pretty good film. She reminded me of my mother in her 'saintly' refusal to condemn the nuns, especially the really evil one, for their astounding cruelty. It's just sick to be that generous! My mother always believed the Church was somehow in the right , whatever.Philomena knew they were wrong, but forgave them. msconduct has recommended the book, but I have so many books I've not read yet hanging about... Which reminds me, I really must get hold of a full run of PROMETHIA. helenraven lent me a few issues years ago, and I meant to seek out a bound copy or something, but never did.
Hope my sister emails this week. She's had another bad bloody fall, and now has her arm in a sling!

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