July 4th, 2014


Hoo Boy...

Totally baking. The pollen level has been of the scale, too. It looks like I'm crying all the time, and the itching...
Thank the gods for the lovely breeze we've had yesterday and today, which has made it a bit more bearable, and it hasn't been too humid, either
I braved it all to go to the COMICS UNMASKED exhibit at the British Library. It was very attractively laid out and there was a lot of  interesting stuff. The lighting was low, though, and my old eyes had trouble taking it all in. Like I said, there's plenty of it, and when I came out, I realised I'd been strolling around in there for over two hours.
I don't go to the British Library often enough. It's lovely inside, and I saw a lot of interesting-looking people milling about. I imagine it's a good pickup place for the young.
I didn't see anybody I recognised going to the interviews. Melinda Gebbie was quite good. She's working on her memoirs, which should be juicy. I was kind of surprised by her IMO slightly sexist opinions on the styles of art men and women can produce, though. I've never actually read LOST GIRLS, but it's certainly gorgeous. The colours!
I felt really knackered, and couldn't help yawning a lot. A lot of people left after Melinda Gebbie, which seemed a bit churlish. I stayed on to listen to Oliver Frey, who did a lot of those little war comics that used to be ubiquitous in the olden days, in addition to his gay strips, like ROGUE. He's quite a draftsman, and his reminiscences of the London LGBT arts scene in the 70's and onwards were worth hearing. All in all I'm glad I made it, and I got in free, too. Heh!
R Next Door says it's true about pulling down the towers, as they're becoming unstable since all the scaffolding and stuff for putting in the new windows a few years back, and they're 'listing.' I still don't believe it, because I don't want to. I mean where would we go? I don't want to be dumped out in the suburbs, somewhere, and they're sure to give me an even smaller flat, too. Oh well, there's much more to worry about right now...
After exercises and errands, I was just frelled, so spent the afternoon watching the rest of TRUE BLOOD season six. Totally preposterous, and no longer in a good way.

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