June 25th, 2014


Un Petit Perkier... (Mild TRUE BLOOD Spoilers)

Still too hot for my taste, and the pollen is still merciless. (They will mow the lawn downstairs when I'm in the middle of the Official Crazy Old Fat Lady Workout, too). Hackwheeze...Still, much less humid. Woot.
Went to the dentist who said to give it a few weeks and then come back and give him £80 more for another course. This sucks.I really thought they just kept giving you more whitening stuff until you were fixed.
Watching season 6 of TRUE BLOOD. Hope it's the last, it really has gone off. There are just so many silly characters and subplots now that I have no idea who most of these people are, and don't care. Rutger Hauer, of course, is still a fine addition to the proceedings. ("I'm your fucking fairy grandfather!") Sukie is such a dull ache, though, and it looks like she's going to get a new boring lover.
I've also watched one of those random unrequested films I sometimes get from LOVEFILM; ABSENTIA, a rather decent low-budget chiller. Unfortunately no subtitles, so the dialogue wasn't that all that clear to me.
R Next Door actually talked for a few minutes yesterday, and not about the animals...Instead she just pointed out how useless the equipment is, and how sickening it is to see 'fat hausfrau types' deluding themselves that they're improving their fitness  by using it. Ah, almost like the old days!

Beyond belief as it is, the fucking lift has just broken down again, after just a few days. Gawd 'elp us...
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