June 20th, 2014


Can Not Resist...

Two more TRUE DETECTIVE discs arrived from LoveFilm today. I know I'm just going to gorge over the weekend, and then I'll be pissed off when it's finished, and there's nothing decent to watch in Sport Hell. Don't judge me until you've tried to do otherwise, though. Definitely the most riveting series since BREAKING BAD
The pollen is lethal this year, and it looks like an extra bad weekend ahead. My eyes are streaming all the time.
I decided to check out the Pensioners' Lunch Club down the road. Main course £1.50.pudding 50p... I wasn't expecting much, but it would be nice to have a cheap hot meal a few times a week. There were three people there, one of them the lady in charge, who tortured the rest of us by 'encouraging' us to be matey, etc. Terrible. The meal was fish & chips, as expected. Small portions, which was good, but it tasted VERY vile, all dried up and synthetic, followed by some sort of sub-Mr Kipling pie drowned in yucky custard. I may try again, but it was all pretty depressing.I've been curious about it for ages, though.
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