June 14th, 2014

i am bored


Ohhh, the vileness of humidity! At least it isn't too sunny, and there was a nice breeze when I went to the park earlier.
Hope everyone has escaped the Friday the 13th full moon unscathed.
In other news, have I mentioned that Irn Bru lollies are really quite nice?
Looks like a couple of long months of nothing decent on TV unless you're into bloody football, tennis, etc. I've been driven back into the arms of BIG BROTHER. It seems sightly improved, actually. The housemates are mostly a bit more 'aspirational' than usual, although fairly obnoxious; more like APPRENTICE contestants than the usual BB crowd, and many of them have unusually 'respectable' jobs...although there is at at least one glamour model, and most of the women have that painted-poppet wannabe celeb look.

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