June 9th, 2014


Bloody Summer...

Ohh, it's vile today. Mega-humidity. I feel like a giant sponge, and I'm so sneezy. Fap.
A woman behind me on the bus was going on about a friend of hers who owns a Harley, and has Dylan Thomas tattooed on his arm. She thinks he's immature.
Still enjoying the weirdness of HANNIBAL. The engagingly strange-looking Mads Mikellson is great casting.
Dreamed about bloody David Tennant again. This time, we met up in some sort of old folks' holiday camp and fell into immediate mad lust! xD  ( I really don't fancy David Tennant a bit. I find this is true of most people I get frisky with in dreams. I think it's quite common. Odd, though-)

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