May 24th, 2014


Tellyviewing: Dead Drunk...

Caught up with DYLAN THOMAS: A POET IN NEW YORK. It was quite interesting. Tom Hollander really is a tremendous thesp. I think the makeup department deserves a gold star, too. I read that he'd put some weight on for the part, but he also had an extremely convincing FUBARd alcoholic 'look', which, having worked next to one for several years, I'm something of an expert on...I don't have much factual knowledge of the details of Thomas' decline, but you would think that his New York 'people', especially the two who were evidently in love with him, would have got him into a rehab facility before he actually killed himself. There was a 'Dr Feelgood', who came around and gave him injections, but he obviously needed proper help. Of course, he would have had to co-operate to some extent, I suppose, and it seems he was determined to self-destruct.
Saw bits of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, which I've seen bits of before...I seem to remember that Voldemort ended up reduced to a squirmy homunculus. I wasn't really watching it, but this time, it seems he just went boom. Was I imagining the shrinkage? Fetish Dept: Ralph Fiennes really does have very aesthetic forearms.
The feckin' lift is still out of action, which is especially annoying as I need to get my ailing PC sorted out, and don't want to be bumping it up and down stairs to get it to PC World; bad enough schlepping it on the bus.
Don't know when/if I'll be able to exercise today. Rain is coming down pretty steadily so far. I stopped my subscription to PureGym, because my cheap year was up, and I was only going once or twice every month. The financial meltdown also demanded I give it up. It's the best gym I've been to, but I just don't like indoor gyms.

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