May 23rd, 2014


Fat Hatred At The Opera...

Check out Glyndebourne's much maligned mezzo  Tara Erraught on the right.This girl was totally vilified by at least five critics for her 'unsightly' appearance, and will probably need PTS counselling. (Well, I would!)

I should be so 'dumpy, stocky, chubby'
Granted, the costume and wig are hideous, but that's hardly her fault.


Baroque and Bariatric...

Last night, thanks to the bounty of motodraconis ,kelper and I got to attend a lovely concert of Baroque goodies at Westminster Abbey . We had no-view seats, and the music sounded rather far away (it was-) but it was still very pleasant indeed  to sit in that wonderful space soaking it all up. I also had a pootle round Poets' Corner in the interval. It really must be about 20 years since I've been inside there. Gorgeous.
We saw the instrumentalists going in, and were amused by the choirboys awaiting their turn. If we'd been that relaxed and playful in my day,Sister Anne Francis would have thwacked us upside the head with her PIUS X HYMNAL...
Unfortunately, the soloists didn't even pass our way, so Moto, you didn't miss out on any ogling of fit young countertenor Iestyn Davies. He was on nice vocal form, though. I really liked the bass-baritone (Matthew Brook) a lot, too.


This morning, I had to schlep out in the rush hour for my latest operation  follow-up. I was told I was probably eating a bit 'too much' on 2000 calories a day! (Ha, been more like 3000 recently, the amount of pizza I've been anxiously ramming down my gullet...) She also said I was doing very well, though, lost two stone since last time, BMI half what it was at the start, and 'glowing' (Of course I interpreted that as I must look sweaty, but I think she meant it in a good way...) Don't have to go back for a year, now.I have to try and lose as much as possible in the next six months, though. Apparently the first two years are the time when it's 'easiest'. But I'm Always. Fucking. Hungry.
Certainly can't say I'm not enjoying buying size 20 trousers & jeans, though. It's weird, just going into any department store, and finding stuff that fits me (although XL) in the 'normal' area.
I didn't exercise this morning as I had to be off early, so I have to do it now, and I just want to sit down with a bucket of coffee and a lapful of fat cat to watch DVDs. Bum.
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