May 16th, 2014


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Bought a new fan at LIDL, while I still have money. I fear a hot summer is coming.
I was running around all day, walking for miles in the sun, so indulged in pizza, which was disgusting. I never learn.
Finished Rupert Everett's VANISHED YEARS. He wrote about some adventures in Berlin, while staying at the Hotel Bogota, which sounded great; I googled it, and it looks great. Most of the rooms are utilitarian-ugly, but the actual building and public areas are fab, a bit like the wonderful Gutenbergs in Riga. Not that expensive, either, if you book ahead and get a cheap flight. Wanna go. I've always fancied Berlin...
Yay!, 'new' episodes of WALLANDER on BBC4 from tomorrow night. I've really been missing good crime & melancholy.