May 15th, 2014


Monstahs!!!.... (Mild Spoilers)

Yes, I saw it, and enjoyed it muchly. It's long and slow, but the final half hour or so is utterly stonking. Don't want to go into too much detail, but:

  • No, the flying thing isn't Rodan, bah.

  • Yesss! Glowing breath blasts and light-up fins when riled.

  • There's a bit of cute kid stuff, but mercifully little, and NO 'comic relief'.

I also discovered this great scheme I hadn't known about at the Picture House,for  'seniors'. On Monday and Thursday you can get in for four quid (or 5.80 for 3D.) at matinees. He didn't charge me for the glasses, and I got free (good!) coffee and biscuits. Yow!
I quite liked my first experience of modern 3D, but it made me a little headachy, and it didn't add that much to the effect. Kinda fun, though.
I was surprised that there were only six of us in the cinema; three teenagers, three old gits.