May 14th, 2014


Bloomsbury Blunder...

Set out to see the Schnabel exhibit at the Dairy Gallery, but forgot the address. D'Oh!
One of my top fantasies has always been to have a big old flat in one of the slightly seedy, romantic side streets opposite the British Museum. *Sigh* Even if I won EuroMillions, how often do they come on the market, I wonder?
Went into the Comics Museum, which I haven't visited since it's been in this location. Even with concessions, it was a fiver to go in, so I just sniffed round the lobby, where there are books and stuff, including rather nice 'Hung Parliament' figures, amusing images of politicians swinging from a lil' gallows.
I also popped into Atlantis Bookshop., which has changed delightfully little in the last forty years.For the first time in several decades, I braved the steep, narrow staircase to the wee gallery in the basement.where they had some paintings by Stephen Harwood, 'Visions of England', Derek Jarman-inspired landscapes. They look like crude, amateurish daubs, at first, but if you stand in front of them for a few minutes, they get really trippy. Had I money, and a decent place to display them, I would gladly have bought a couple
They also had a brass(?) figure of Pan, for £50, which I found myself wanting so much, that before my financial downfall a couple of weeks ago, I might have lashed out on. I do like that place, I can always imagine Crowley, Yeats, Spare, Gardener et all mooching around, in days gone by.
I watched NYMPHOMANIAC, Part One, which I was afraid might be tedious, but so far, it's quite intriguing. I usually do have a lot of time for Lars von Trier, but sometimes, like with  DANCER IN THE DARK, and DOGTOWN he just goes on too long. I think the director's cut of NYMPHOMANIAC is over five hours. It was quite interesting to see RL Charlotte Gainsbourg with lippy, etc. in the interviews, looking nothing like the intense Patti Smith-alike image she presents in films._IMG_NEW
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