May 3rd, 2014


Junk Food Deprivation...

Looks like that Thai/Chinese takeaway across the road has already shut down. It can't have been open six months. It was very expensive, though, and the food wasn't much good. Pity, it would be nice to have a good Chinese or Pizza place right on the doorstep, or a proper old fashioned chippie that was cleanish. Ah well, I suppose opportunities to indulge my fast food addiction are best minimised, anyway.
Got approached in the park by yet another stranger who enthused about my shrinkage. She said she's been inspired to start exercising by my 'success' She was, of course, not fat, but bloody exercise is good for you, whatever, and I'm rather pleased to think I may have started a mini-trend, as the people who accost me often say they've started working out, too. Of course I also feel a bit of a sham, as I never would have been able to shed so much deathfat in such a relatively short time, if I hadn't had the op...
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