May 2nd, 2014


Gross 'Healthy' Nosh...

Bought a mini-baguette discounted, the other day..."Gluten-free, wheat free" out of curiosity. One of the most disgusting things I have ever tasted, Actually couldn't take a second bite. Urgh!
Today, I was idiotic enough to buy a pot of Whole Foods clam chowder, also 'reduced' (to about £3.00!)
It's edible, in a bland, dishwater sort of way. That ain't Manhattan clam chowder for damn sure!
TMI time: Yesterday at the Coli, as the lights were going down, an usher standing behind me bellowed desperately 'PLEASE turn off your mobiles!!!' at the school kids. I was so startled that I farted!
Enjoying the BBC4 programme about the royal Georges. If I were gay or a straight man, I think I'd have a big crush on the cute Lucy Worsley.Very impish Head Girl
Actually, I've noticed most of the proper pro cartoonists haven't nailed Farage yet. Steve Bell comes close, but he's not quite there, IMO.
Attempted conversation with R Next Door by asking if she wanted anything from the shops. 'No, thankew, I do not want anything from ze shops ever again. I yam chust waiting to die'. Well, that's the most she's said to me in a month, anyway...
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