April 30th, 2014



I've never been a great judge of character...I found myself rather surprised by the Max Clifford verdict. I'd always considered him to be a person of unusual integrity (within his sleazy world.) He did a lot for charity (like Mr Saville-) and seemed to be dedicated to helping 'ordinary' people thrust into the public eye in some scary way make the most of a bad/weird situation. Whaddya know?
Latest grimness: I've got some kind of THING in my nose that won't go away. It started with that mega-cold I had in Paris. Maybe it's a polyp or something. Ugh. (...Some kind of 'nose cancer'?...Amputation, remains of my wretched life spent in an Elephant Man hood, etc. etc...) Wibble.
REV finished on a glimmer of hope, but, oh nooo, Bongo! I really can't handle stuff like that.
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