April 28th, 2014

life is pain


I was supposed to see the doctor about this op, (and to tell her she might be hearing from the housing bots, if they want to check up on how crazy I actually am...) She'd said to make sure I saw her, as it's a complicated business that goes back many years. I'd  told the receptionist this...So, after wasting half the day at home, when I got there, the locum was on-not even the usual locum, but a total stranger. There'd been an emergency, or something, blah blah.Now I have to go back Wednesday, at the same inconvenient time...Couldn't they have phoned me? Surely someone else could have used my wasted appointment, too. I bet my blood pressure's way up. My stomach's still in knots, too. Ungh!
Things pretty much the same with R Next Door. *Le sigh*
Saw a nurse I hadn't seen since last year, while at the surgery. She really didn't seem to recognise me, then said I looked 'a different woman' and eagerly demanded to weigh me! I let her. What the fuck... At least my wasted journey gave someone some weird pleasure! Wotta world, wotta world...
Interesting production of DON GIOVANNI on BBC2 last night. Haven't watched it all yet, but rather liked it
Loving FARGO, so far. I was expecting a rather tepid spin-off of the film, but it's a gem.