April 27th, 2014


Medical Records.

While leafing through my medical history at the GP's, I noticed several references to myself as 'this pleasant lady'. I know other people have been described thus,as well. What is that, in doctors' code?  I assume it indicates you're not violent or anything. One patronising git described me as 'articulate' and 'casually dressed'. What that had to do with my allergies, I don't know...
I find myself rather moved by the double canonisation of the Popes today.I always did reckon John XXIII was big-time holy. As for Jean Paul II, he was so charismatic and attractive you couldn't help liking him, despite his blinkered conservatism, and again, I always felt that even with his faults, he was a sincerely good, holy person, doing his best according to his convictions, and even saints can't do more than that.
Insanely, I find myself hoping that if the heavenly duo are throwing around miracles in celebration, they chuck a mini-one my way..If I really must be totally impoverished in old age, I hope I'm given the grace to somehow 'make the most of it', and not be such a bitter old bitch. I know I'm a million times better off than about 75% of the poor sods on this earth, for all my afflictions.
I suppose it is strange, my maintaining some some sort of belief in various flying spaghetti monsters, even this late in life, and despite my abhorrence of the harm done by most organised religion,, but I feel strongly that there is something more... and if I actually did believe that this rather dismal life was absolutely all there is, I don't think I could go on. On the other hand, a lot of atheists seem to find their belief that this is IT, somehow comforting. Perhaps the comfort is the important thing.
Been doodle-riffing on the Lewis Chessmen a lot recently. I've always particularly liked those shield-biting berserkers..