April 26th, 2014


Telly, etc....

EASTENDERS continues to be unusually interesting, in the wake of the Lucy Beale Murder Shockhorror.
Last night, bereaved dad odious Ian collapsed weeping and wailing on the bosom of his longtime archenemy hardnut Phil Mitchell (who promptly filled up himself!) The actors are obviously having such a great time putting on the agony.
I was also impressed by REV. (These grim storylines are somehow consoling in my current extra-miserable state..). I had only seen the odd few moments of this series, and thought it sweet but not very compelling. The hero's life is currently collapsing, though, and it's riveting!.Tom Hollander is giving a terrific performance, and there was an unexpected cameo from the gorgeous Liam Neeson.
Was in WholeFood Market the other day, and was tempted to try their new line of vegan cakes...FOUR quid for teeny goodies the size of a KitKat finger or mini fairy cake!  All their stuff is dear, of course, but that's just mental.
Actually saw R Next Door, admitted I miss her,and tried to get her to explain her behaviour. She said she couldn't speak to anyone, but a few minutes later, I saw her talking to the pro dogwalker guy. Of course, if it's animal-related, I suppose she can cope. Hurts, though. much as I want to sock her half the time, it's true, I miss her - and the dawgs seemed so glad to see me.

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