April 25th, 2014


Hectic Anxiety Dream...

I'm in Pancevo. Zograf is expecting me to turn up with new work, but I don't have anything worthwhile, and he's pissed off. Other cartoonists turn up for this festival, and we go from one venue to another, until we're  in this drama workshop ( like the recent HAMLET dream-), which doesn't seem surprising to anyone but me. Udo Samel is running it, and he's very friendly and flirtatious with everyone except me.He obviously considers me disgusting, and a complete waste of space, and the more I try to just stay out of his way, the more blatantly  I seem to make a fool of myself.
I wake up all frazzled, and then I remember the RL money situation. AHHH!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Amazy was discovered on the bed, too, shedding her lethally asthma-aggravating fur, and licking my foot!
Once again, no sight of R Next Door. Has she changed her dog walking habits, to avoid me and the other park denizens?
Looked through my medical records to try and see if I can prove that I'm supposed to be having an op on th
e NHS I've been begging for for 14 years. I felt sick(er) afterwards. I've always reckoned it's best not to look at such things, and I think it probably is. It's also a bit scary how many casual errors they make, like I'm down as having had a hysterectomy, which is news to me, etc. etc.A whole new world of paranoia opens up...
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