April 21st, 2014

i am bored

More Holiday Tedium...

Parakeets in the dog park again. I can't help liking them. I wonder if urban sparrows are making a comeback as well? I've seen several in the few  last weeks, after years of none at all.
Looks like I may really be going to Serbia again  in October! Still nothing definite, but it's a proper possibility.
The FARGO TV series is looking good, so far. Billy Bob Thornton is terrific, and I'll definitely keep watching.
I moseyed up to the high street to stock up on ice lollies. Since I have this intense 'mouth hunger', at least I can guzzle something relatively low in calories. I was seriously tempted to buy Sainsbury's Easter cakes at half price,( Simnel, and a juicy-looking chocolate number), but somehow dragged myself away.

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