April 11th, 2014


Sad News, Blood In The Basin...

Root canal 3: No numbing shot today, but much noisy drilling, that smell of burning, a nick under the tongue that, of course, bled like crazy, the clenched mouthful of cold gunk for the 'impression,' and that's it until the 24th, when he puts the permanent crown on. 'Nervous patient' here nearly passed out, as per usual.
Earlier, I was in a 'good mood', as I'm slightly less stuffed up. I went down to the park, and saw R and the dawgs, went up to her and asked chirpily if Rory the vet had been able to help Cat. Sepulchral reply: "Yes. he put her to sleep. I do not vant to talk."  Ohhh SHIT!... I seldom saw Cat. She was very avoidant of most people until the last year or so, when she got more friendly and curious. She was a rescue, who R took from the junkie across the hall when he moved. That must have been nearly ten years ago, and she wasn't young then, so she had  fairly long life, and R did her best for her.( The junkie was fond of her, but he didn't know about proper cat care,healthy diet, etc.) I feel very sad, anyway. I was devastated when Wotan had to go, and can imagine how R must be feeling.*Sigh*
I watched about half of another arthouse 'masterpiece', BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOUR. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow, as it's about five years long. It's not actually bad, or anything, but so bloody slow and repetitive...
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