April 3rd, 2014


Bad Air...

It really IS vile, today. I exercised, but otherwise I've opted to stay indoors. You can smell and taste the pollution. Yetch.It's supposed to improve tomorrow,but H and I will be off for the Paris break, anyway. Hope the atmosphere is a bit less poisonous over there.
I pushed the boat out and had my hideous peeling, broken nails hidden by an 'American Manicure' gel job. They look quite convincing, but feel strange, and I'm already getting paint and gunk underneath them. I suppose they just draw attention to my wrinkled, veiny geriatric paws, but I kinda like them.
Watched an interesting documentary about Ivor Gurney the other night, but I'd somehow convinced myself it was going to be about Ivor Cutler, so was a bit disappointed at first!
NEW WORLDS promises to be entertaining historical tosh, better than THE WHITE QUEEN, anyway.and has some good actors, including the lovely , if unrecognisable, Jeremy Northam as a baddie Charles II.
There was a chopped-off head rolling before the opening scene was out, so that's a good sign.
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