March 31st, 2014


Root Canal II...

Well, I'm glad that's done. It was worse than the first session. There were owies at the start, because he didn't take the whole root out last time, then there was all the heavy duty drill noises, and the dental dam that keeps going up your nose and suffocating you. Ohhhhhya! I'm still a bit numb, and hope there's no problem while I'm away. . Return next week for the crown, but hopefully that should be fairly easy.Fingers crossed.
Oh well, mustn't grumble. I watched that Louis Theroux documentary last night about people on the verge of death It was excellent, actually, neither soppy nor voyeuristic, but very moving. (Poor Dantay!)  I thought that OD'd kid was definitely toast, though, despite his 'deluded' family refusing to pull the plug. And then...*Sniff*
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