March 29th, 2014


Today's Tedium...

Unfortunately, I've come to the conclusion that I really don't like couscous much.
Plodded up to the surgery and got the prescriptions signed. (They DID say 'sorry' at least.)  Then I plodded on to the chemist, where they didn't have one of my inhalers in stock anyway. Fap!
Anyone who hasn't seen the wonderfully gross and funny DRAG ME TO HELL it's on 5* at nine, tonight.
I nearly decked R Next Door for mortifying me yet again in the dog park, but then I felt sorry for her, 'cos she had a big panic attack, and believe me,( I get 'em all the time-) you REALLY think you're dying, so I had to be nice to her.Bah.
Oh bum, it's 'Spring Ahead' tonight, too.' Arrrrgh... AND it's warm!
People in Canada and thereabouts,  (like my poor sis-)
are going ape because it's still snowing. Ya just can't win. Personally, I'll take the snow, though.

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