March 27th, 2014


Watchin' TV...

Spoilers ahead...
Much as I'm enjoying Reece Shearsmith's  extreme creepiness in  THE WIDOWER, it's very hard to believe it's a true story. Even the miscreant's first (successful) wife-murder was so very suspicious that it seems almost impossible nobody twigged immediately. Presumably there was something left of his wife, to disclose how drugged up she was, not to mention lack of any tyre marks, etc from the motorcycle he supposedly swerved to avoid, and what about traces of how he emptied a petrol tin over the car and set it off with a lighter? Duh. And his 'injuries'?
He's currently ensnaring a soppy well-off woman with a crap boyfriend, by pretending to be undergoing gruelling cancer treatment. (He shaves his head,cries a lot, and goes away to London for his chemo...) In the meantime, he tried to kill his second wife, in New Zealand, in exactly the same way as he offed the first. She was saved at the last moment by her suspicious parents, but although he'd emptied her huge bank account and all, they let him escape back to the UK to avoid hassling over child custody! Really...
Also watched THE LOOK OF LOVE, mostly to enjoy the excellent Soho location scenes, but it was pretty interesting. Rather sad, really. Oddly, though,, I'd  'remembered' Paul Raymond's daughter inheriting his empire, and dying several years after him, which was not the case.
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