March 25th, 2014


Artist Date With Peter Doig...

Listened to a DVD of Vivaldi's ORLANDO FURIOSO; some amazing vocal pyrotechnics, but God, it's LONG, and gods know what was going on.
.Went to Mayfair, an area I don't often frequent, for a stroll in the cold drizzle, and a visit to the exhibit of Peter Doig's early work at the Werner gallery.
Doig used to work at the theatre, years ago. I didn't know him, except by name, I think he might have been a 'casual' dresser. He was just starting to get known. I remember being impressed and envious when a group portrait of his, including another Coli employee, was shown in the Portrait Awards exhibit at the NPG. Actually, I like his earlier work, best, I think. There's a particularly good, creepy one on show,. ' Edge of the City'. It's all worth a look, and it's a very nice, posh gallery (mostly up a long flight of stairs, alas-) The staff is pleasant, and not snooty, as they sometimes are, in such places.
Afterwards, I continued mooching around, got a bit lost, and stumbled on a real gem, The Church of the Immaculate Conception,(' Farm Street.') at 114 Mount Street  It's a splendid Victorian Gothic confection, with a High Altar by Pugin. Gorgeous.The website is a good one, you can do a virtual tour and stuff.
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